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Key Lighting Ltd.

At Key Lighting Ltd. we carry a passion for all things lighting. Designing Lighting for Theatre, and Live Events. We also work to consult the lighting needs for less conventional situations, such as site specific, Architectural, Immersive situations. We Rent out Lighting equipment whenever available. Finally we bring take a passion and love for personalized industry specific ETC Console teaching.

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Keagan Elrick


Keagan has worked with light and lighting for over 13 years. They have a passion and drive to create environments and experiences that are accessible, captivating, and moving on deep levels. 

They are a graduate of Studio 58. Living with a love of and passion for lighting. As a gender-fluid non-binary designer they love working with masculine, feminine and other aspects of themselves to add to the creative process. As a designer they paint the performers and their environments with light, working to build an atmosphere that pulls the audience in.
They love playing with the emotions of lights, and how lighting effects the tone and reality of what is being poured on stage. Playing with the psychology of lighting and colour theory.

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